be·gin·ner cro·chet  – /bəˈɡinər/krōˈSHā/  –  a craft pursued by creative individuals wanting to express themselves through yarn using a hook (of various sizes).  Said creative individual is destine to become obsessed and soon to take up secondary hobby of hoarding yarn for their next project.  All  their friends and family members should prepare to receive yarn related gifts. 

moss stitch blanket

Linda’s Lap Blanket

Nothing says winter like a cozy fire, lap blanket and something warm to drink – am I right?  In fact as I sit here typing this up I am snuggled into the nook of my couch, fireplace is on and a dog is curled up at my feet.  There is a little bit of magic in every season and for me fall and winter are my most inspired times of year.   This year for the holidays I always make several gifts.  Sometimes I am out of ideas and making something is the one thing that person doesn’t already have –

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